The future of medicine: Telemedicine

In the age were convenience matters more than anything else, telemedicine is one of the newest, most intriguing offerings available to doctors today. The concept of being able to shop from home and have it delivered the next day has been revolutionary. There is still many things that you still might want to go to... Continue Reading →

Promoting Interoperability

Adoption of EHR system has truly become the foundation and pillar of today’s healthcare. At the same time, unfortunately, this has created the challenge of sharing information. Mainly, the problem revolves around patient data trapped inside the individual healthcare organization or network. However, in reality, patient care is a continuum of care which involves healthcare outside... Continue Reading →

The Helpfulness of CCM

In 2018, Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions accounted for $710 billion dollars in spending. That spending represents ⅔’s of all beneficiaries, amounting to 58 million patients across the country. For many of these patients, managing healthy living by themselves can be difficult, and potentially costly with unnecessary hospital admissions. With CCM program,... Continue Reading →

How Telemedicine Can Fix Healthcare

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who owns a television or has picked up a newspaper in the last several years, chances are you’ve heard about the issues surrounding American healthcare. Although many try to politicize the issue, there are those working on solutions to actually alleviate problems and work on saving lives.... Continue Reading →

How To Fix EHR

EHR has had a long history in American medicine, dating back to the 1960s when the technology was first developed. Throughout the years, mandatory implementation has made EHR commonplace in the medical community, as synonymous with the medical profession as a stethoscope or a tendon hammer. However, asking a doctor for their opinion on their... Continue Reading →

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