The Future of Healthcare:Telemedicine

Technology weaves its way into our daily lives more and more, making tasks that once seemed impossible, achievable. The same is true with recent developments in healthcare technology. Telemedicine, or using electronic communications to connect a patient to a doctor, is making some visits to a doctor's office functionally obsolete. Instead of driving to a doctor,... Continue Reading →

9 Factors When Choosing a Vendor for CCM

With CMS’ implementation of the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, more and more providers have realized to properly conduct the program, outside assistance may be needed. In particular, small and medium size practices may struggle with the day-to-day operations of CCM, including consistently calling enrolled patients every month. Seeing the potential profitability of the program,... Continue Reading →

Chronic Care Management: Is it Realistic? Yes it is.

In 2017, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began to recognize the importance of primary care, especially for those patients with multiple chronic illnesses. Medical care for chronically ill patients represents the most expensive segment of Medicare, with more than 93% of spending going to those with multiple chronic conditions. Additionally, the Centers for Disease... Continue Reading →

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